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As a small business owner you’ve already taken the first important step by establishing your business.  In the 21st Century that’s not enough however.  You also need a digital presence.  It starts with a responsive website design.  More than 80% of internet users own a smartphone and 91% of the US Population owns a mobile device.

A responsive design website shows the same content from your website on any device with no ranking penalties in the search engines.  A mobile responsive website will give your customers and prospects a much better web experience.

If you have a website already that’s great but it has to be optimized for the modern internet.  If customers who are using a smartphone have to pinch and squeeze to zoom in on your page content, you will lose a majority of them to a competitor.  Worse, if you have an old website with stale irrelevant content your search rankings will suffer and you will lose valuable market share.  You need a website makeover.

To bolster your digital footprint you also need a social media presence like Facebook and LinkedIn.  We know what platforms work for different industries.  We also are experts in what kind of content customers want to see and when to show it to them.

Lastly, you need a robust presence in search engines and online directories.  We have a cloud based geomarketing tool that gets you listed in over 70 online search engines and directories.  This will improve your search rankings and ultimately bring you more customers through your door.

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Responsive web design (RWD) is a setup where the server always sends the same HTML code to all devices and CSS is used to alter the rendering of the page on the device. Google’s algorithms should be able to automatically detect this setup if all Googlebot user agents are allowed to crawl the page and its assets (CSS, JavaScript, and images). Renders your content on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Social Media Experts

Facebook’s new algorithm determines who sees your posts.  Facebook is purposely suppressing content so less and less of your followers are seeing your posts in their news feeds.  Our Social Media Experts know the right content to post. Our Turbopost™ technology will boost every post to reach well beyond your fan base.  Let our Social Media Experts boost your business to more targeted customers. Watch your social reach and engagement grow!

Local SEO Wizards

Are you being found in a Local Search?  90% of all Google Searches are for Local Businesses and more than half of those customers take action by calling or visiting the location. Do you want them calling you or your competitors? We are Google Maps and Google Search Experts and we know how to give your business 1st Page Google Search and Map results using relevant Keywords!

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